Installation, 2012

An infinite morphing loop from light to sound and inversely. In a whisper of waves traveling through the elements, ‘murmur’ is transformed by human presence. Audience experience an environment that is alive, changing according to their movements.

Six springs encircle the space containing a fluid substance that makes imperceptible radiation visible, transforming its shape in a mesmerizing fashion. This behavior produces low frequency mumbling sounds and blooming projections that shine in the surrounding confines.

A person entering the space is perceived by a moving sensor which triggers light from a projector to illuminate a spring containing black fluid. The reflection of the water triggers a lightsensor which is directly connected to a transducer attached to the platter. This oscillates the water inside the vibrating membranes. The sound waves create three dimensional patterns in the liquid whose light and shadows detected by the light sensor will determine the frequency to be converted into sound. From this point a never ending feedback loop is generated. As long as the light is on, oscillation behaviour is seen in hypnothic wave patterns, strong changing [water]surfaces and heared in different kind of murmuring sounds.

The light sensor only reacts with bright light. When one murmur spring awakes, it also whispers with the others in a dim light. This behavior will tickle the audience to move around and interact with ‘murmur’ completing the feedback loop audience-light-sound.

PLEASE USE HEADPHONES OR EXTERN SPEAKERS [low frequencies won't be played properly by laptop speakers]
murmur is a collaboration between Yolanda Uriz and Mariska de Groot.

Murmur is co-produced by Oddstream Festival, it was be premiered in Nijmegen, 26th October 2012 at the Oddstream Festival 2012

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