Klang Moor Schopfe

31/08 - 10/09 Switserland

Crochet | Chroma
By Mariska de Groot at Klang Moor Schopfe Klang Moor Schopfe, From August 31 until September 10 2023 in Gais, Switzerland

Mariska de Groot presents Crochet|Chroma, an elaboration on Crochet. Above your head spins a collection of bobbin lace doilies with floral patterns, in the middle spins a colorful embroidered doily.  Like a field in claire obscure, they open and close as if they were hit by the wind. Due to a special way of lighting, the patterns of the crochet and the colors of the embroidery seem to be constantly changing.The spinning fabrics are accompanied by instruments that have a similar whirling fashion, empowering it’s movements.

This work is part of De Groot’s ongoing research into wave movements and the interference between frequencies and patterns.

The embroidered piece was specially designed and made for Klang Moor Schopfe in collaboration with TaDa and de Saurer Museum.
Crochet is a production with WerkTank Leuven (BE)

The KLANG MOOR SCHOPFE festival presents international sound art in a unique cultural landscape: The Appenzeller high moor “Schopfe” at the foot of the Hirschberg with its specific animal and plant world and the characteristic small scattered barns forms the spatial and acoustic environment. Eleven sedge barns, originally used for agriculture, will be used by the invited artists with site-specific audiovisual installations. The small-scale, open festival site allows visitors to “hike” through the various installations on a two-hour tour. The artistic sound installations, the archaic architecture of the scoops and the moor landscape combine to form a total work of art that appeals to all the senses and is able to fascinate a wide audience.

The KLANG MOOR SCHOPFE festival wants to make a diverse spectrum of contemporary audiovisual art audible and tangible in a special geographical area. The invited national and international artists deal with the landscape conditions and the situation on site when creating the works for “their” hair. The simple, functional wooden barns, which once served as a depot for the sedge, characterize the cultural landscape. The barns have been adapted to changing needs over time and are architecturally unique. The simple, differently sized interiors influence the acoustics through their shape and materiality. Many of the artists work at the interface of experimental music, visual arts and science. The festival takes this interdisciplinarity into account with a series of events that make it possible to get to know the participating artists and their experimental work beyond the installation presented. This includes artist talks, concerts, live performances, video nights and other special events with the artists. The intimate character of the festival and the presence of the participating artists on site allow both an intensive exchange between the participating artists and direct encounters between the audience, the local population and artists. The idea of exchange and encounter is supported by the wide range of low-threshold events. The musician and sound artist Patrick Kessler from Gais is responsible for the idea, concept and curation of the KLANG MOOR SCHOPFE festival.