Klankvorm | Mechanism


Klankvorm is a Rotterdam-based platform for the realisation and presentation of experimental audiovisual art. Klankvorm events take place in different locations and feature audiovisual performances and related presentations by participating artists. Klankvorm aims to initiate, commission, and present new works by sound artists and visual artists who collaboratively explore the audiovisual domain.

Mechanism is a Rotterdam based organization focussing on presenting and releasing adventurous techno driven music and art. The platform explores the boundaries between forefront audiovisual performances and experimental clubculture. The aim of Mechanism is to push the limits of the sonic pallet and to contribute to the intersection of dancefloor rituals and visual experiments. After the kickstart at Pink Pank, Mechanism grounds at BAR.

UMWELT (Rave Or Die, Shipwrec, FR)
SHXCXCHCXSH (Mord, Rösten, SW)
REKA (Tresor, Bite, DE/ES)
MIRROR MAN (aka Paul du Lac) & LCD (Bio Rhythm, Duracell, NL)
ROTOR (AV performance, NL)
MATTHIJS MUNNIK (Hyperplanar, AV performance, NL)
MARISKA DE GROOT (Hidden Patterns, installation, NL)
CO2RO (Lightworks, NL)