10-12/09/2021, The Hague

Over the weekend of 10-12 September, Rewire is teaming up with artist run platform iii to present Proximity Music – a tour of installations scattered across The Hague which engage with the senses and the body, with instruments and machines, with ritual and play. In addition, several other interventions and installations will be dotted around the city for visitors to explore.

I’ll show light and sound installation Incidence of Light.
Incidence of Light explores the possibilities of a single sculptural object and 360˚ light-to-sound scores. Using a selection of white LED’s, rotating masks and mirrors, different light frequencies peek through the small openings of a slowly rotating cylindrical graphical score, creating a light composition on the walls and possible objects (and visitors) in the room, while primitive cameras on top of the sculpture scan the patterns and make the rhythmic light / dark parts in the room audible. The translation from light to sound happens one on one.