04/04/2020 The Hague, NL


April 4, 2020
Theatre aan het Spui, Spui 187, The Hague
Program starts at 19:00 (sharp).
Tickets: see Rewire festival

Performances by Edwin van der Heide, Gabriela Prochazka, Mariska de Groot, Ji Youn Kang, Pelle Schilling, Jesus Iglesias.

The 39th edition of iii’s No Patent Pending series will take place as part of the program of Rewire Festival 2020. Dystopian, cyberpunk and machine aesthetics underscore an immersive theatrical experience where the virtual, the mechanical and the flesh collide, flowing between moments of contemplation and physically intimidating bursts of activity generating sensory overload.

The program will present within a continuous dramaturgy a series of individual performances by iii members and guests. Jesus Canuto Iglesias will present his new work “The Last Song of a Two Stroke Engine” for brass instruments powered by fossil fuel combustion; Gabriela Prochazka will conjure an avatar giving advice over “How to be a Good Citizen of the 21st Century”; Mariska de Groot with Ludmila Rodrigues and Mei-Yi Lee will perform an optical sound choreography extracted from iii’s 2017 silent film production of “Häxan, Witchcraft Through the Ages”; Ji Youn Kang will manipulate audio feedback with computer code and hand gestures in “Space speaks, Are you listening?”; Pelle Schilling will invite the audience to a trial by fire under a rain of sparks in “Incandescence Rain”. A special guest on this occasion will be Edwin van der Heide, who’s personal work and teachings have had a seminal influence on the activities of iii. Edwin van der Heide will perform “LSP” (laser sound performance), a composed spatial experience in which the architectural quality of light builds upon, and simultaneously intersects with, the spatial perception of sound.