16-17/11/2019 Porto

Incidence of Light travels to Porto for the experimental a/v performance festival Color Sound Frames in Serralves.

The expanding relationship between moving image and sound/music is one of the most striking features of art and culture of the last two centuries. Crossings between the different sensorial dimensions run through the history of both cinema and music. However, it was within the experimental practices at the intersection of these fields that these relations evolved more freely and extensively. While the majority of such interdisciplinary endeavours remained relatively marginal to the art world’s recognition, they are nowadays perceived as highly influential.
Keeping true to an eminently exploratory character, Color Sound Frames is dedicated to national and international projects that today follow this line of artistic creation, with a special focus on meetings between analog and digital, between the predisposed and the unforeseen, and the live realization of both sound and image.

made possible by Overtoon Brussels and Stroom Den Haag.