Next Tuesday 25th Andrey Smirnov will give a presentation in Berlin of his new book “Sound in Z. – Experiments in Sound and Electronic Music in Early 20th Century Russia”. I’ll do a short Lumisonic Rotera performance in this program. Tuesday June 25th 2014 – 17:00-22:00 – Atrium im Pergamon Palais, Berlin > .

In May 2011 I visited Andrey in his hometown Moscow, where he just had his biggest exhibition ‘Sound in Z’ on his research on Russian Avantgarde experimental sound and electronic music in early 20th century. There he guided us through diverse disciplines, genres, artists, engineers and time slots. Intertwining science, art and politics. Early Neuro-Biotics, Graphical Sound, Arseny Avraamov, Lev Theremin and the KGB … Rare documents were homely framed, his stories were amazing. Back then he was already working on this book, I never have been looking forward to a book so much. There is a gap to be filled in western art education.
The man and his research are a big inspiration for me and many others working in the field of avantgarde and soundart