(un)holy Light

09/12 -18/12 2022, Leuven, Belgium

Crochet will be shown during the light parcours (un)holy Light in the historical city of Leuven, Belgium. Every evening from 10 to 18th of December. Crochet will be shown in the beautiful Romaanse Poort.

Whirling machines
In the midst of winter, (Un)Holy Light invites you to the beautiful city of Leuven for its third
Whirling machines is a parcours of art installations displayed all around the city centre,
featuring spinning and delicate objects revolving in synchronicity with light.
From plain white to the opulence of the entire rainbow palette, all the artworks come
together in a symphony where the movement of the artworks encounters the bodies of
the visitors.
Sint Jacobuskerk, usually closed to the public, comes to life with a site specific installation
by the artist duo A.I.L.O (pronounced “Hello”). From the ground, elevating toward the
cosmos, A.I.L.O sculpt light and sound as if they were palpable elements. To warm you up,
Gijs Coenen and Sookie Brarou leave their Rocking Modules for you to play with and create
gigantic cast shadows, in the garden of M Leuven Museum. At Kadoc, Nazanin Fakoor fills
the space with colours and poetry, reminding us that, like a Rainbow, we are shaped by an
infinity of reflections. On the ceiling of De Romaanse Poort, Mariska de Groot displays her
collection of bobbin lace doilies with floral patterns happily revolving in a continuous
whirlwind. Last but not least, in Sint Michielskerk let yourself be surprised by Jetske Visser
and Michiel Martens strange soap-bubble-looking Holons suspended mid-air. Like celestial
bodies, their contour changes with speed, revealing their inner structure. The Holons’
breath is expanded by a sonic layer created by the sound artist Els Viaene.