Vita Kuben

10/03 - 16/04 2023

As part of the SUPERORGANISMS series of three works, BROM will be shown at Norrlandsoperan Vita Kuben in Umeå, Sweden.
From March 10 till April 16.

SUPERORGANISMS is a series of three exhibitions that synergetically deal with sound. The artworks presented resemble a unique organic living system that gives life to an individual sonorous entity. As the term suggests, a superorganism is an organized society that centers on the relationship between individuals in a collective practice, obtaining as a result a community that functions in a complex and harmonious way.

The beauty of shapes, tones, sounds and materials is explored in different contexts, drawing inspiration from discarded technology, children’s toys and insect sounds. Experience the mechanic and yet organic sounds of hundreds of floppy disk drives talking in frequencies; let yourself be enveloped by a choir of spinning motorized instruments singing unitedly; take a journey through the forests of music by listening the tiniest and most irresistible insect sounds. These artworks require an act of true listening.
SUPERORGANISMS invites the audience to explore the rich complexities of sound as an art form. It encourages the act of listening by bringing an ensemble of groundbreaking sound works that make us travel beyond our imagination.
Open your eyes, open your ears, superorganisms are here.
(Ana Gutieszca, curator)