During a 10 days residency at Steim Amsterdam I’m trying out different concepts for new light and sound installations. Therefor I gave myself the task to take one day for setting up one installation proposal, make a short composition and document it. My goal is to make 5 different works this way during the residency.

During the Open Studio Days and opening of STEIM on the 9th and 10th of June I will open the doors of the studio to the public. What to show? I don’t know ..
Until then, this post will be a thread of bi-daily video documentation.

Lighthouse #1
A proposal for a composition for pwm driven dc motors.
The sounds of the tiny motor movements are composed and amplified. Spinning planes of light enlarge these small movements.

Popov’s Roulette

Inspired by the Tank Sound Device, one of the ‘Noise Machines’ designed by Vladimir Popov in the 1920’s, this is a proposal for a spacial rhythm and sound instrument or installation. Rotating light planes sending out sound frequencies, that become audible when one of the light sensitive speakers positioned around are hit with this light. The location of the speakers can be changed, in this video they are placed on non-calculated positions and I choose a more atmospherical part.
Imagine some fog with it, so the light planes become more visible.

A claire obscure and noisy approach for installation ‘Crochet’, derives from a starting hands-on research on pattern, culture and craft, and on rhythm, interference and the waving behaviour of fabric.
Due video frame rate it is difficult to catch what’s actually happening: hypnotic interferences of pattern and light frequencies. Seen from the floor beautiful changing patterns that almost behave like flowers, blooming and hiding. From the side interesting and changing waveforms of the spinning fabric become visible.

Sound wise this is a first attempt, but I have other ideas. Maybe some friendly crackle sounds or the sound of wind? Now, it’s optical sound picked up from behind the whirling crochet. Also, I’m fantasising about a composed field of these beautiful crafted whirling fabrics, a short take of a small field of 4 is included in the video.

Stirred Mandala
On the fourth day of the residency in Steim I decided to sketch some performance ideas I had for some time. It is following up on my personal fashion of hidden patterns, whirl and floor projection.

I started foresting wheels

Disclaimer : all titles are working titles.