reviews: Stirred Mandala

Unconcious Archives Festival

Makery and The Line of Best Fit reviewed Stirred Mandala at Unconscious Archives Festival in London.

MAKERY – media for labs –
‘Electro insects, ready-to-wear synths and algo rave in London’
(…) Dutch artist Mariska de Groot opened the evening with Stirred Mandala, a circular performance as a sort of 360-degree theremin. “It’s incredibly innovating,” remarked Tom Matchett, founder of FAD Live, the video component of FAD contemporary art magazine, which documented the entire festival. “The way she interacts with her instrument, changing the textures… It’s a very powerful feeling of immediacy.” (…)
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The Line of Best Fit
A Bold Step: Unconscious Archives at Cafe Oto
(…) Mariska De Groot’s is a similarly dazzling display. Light- and motion-sensitive speakers attached to de Groot’s arms and body sound off at varying frequencies, depending on their interaction with shadows of concentric circles beamed down from above. What begins as sound art soon develops into vivid performative dance, as de Groot spins, ducks and gesticulates in order to achieve increasingly resonant noises. (…)
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