Electronic Extravaganza # 2

Thursday 20th of april 2017 I’ll present ‘Hidden Patterns #0.1′ a new optical sound installation at the Electronic Extravaganza Festival in Amsterdam.

Hidden Patterns is an optical sound instrument that plays with the hypnotic and sacret properties of extremely high shutter speeds and spinning patterns.

Location: Splendor, Amsterdam





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Sounds of Silence festival presents silent film masterpieces with cutting edge contemporary music, performed live. The first day of the festival will be dedicated to avant-garde film and music with a performance by iii for the Swedish film Häxan.

I will contribute in this piece with a new, adapted setup of one (!) tonewheel.


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The Instrumental Subconscious #261
Spektrum, Berlin
Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00
Entrance 7-12 euro (up to your offer)

Works by: Wen Chin Fu, Yolanda Uriz, and Mariska de Groot

iii presents a performance program in collaboration with transmediale and Spektrum, showing five performances utilizing self-made media apparatuses, instruments and instrumentations which draw on distinctly subjective and idiosyncratic technological origins. This performance evening is the second half of the program. The first two performances take place February 3rd at the HKW World Stage.

The artists presented all carry their own uniquely idiosyncratic imaginations against world-wide tendencies towards a digital monotechnics dominated by unified standards of instruments, instrumentations and play. The artists’ work tap into lost media histories as much as they play out subconscious urges to imagine media materials in new, alien forms. These unusual dream devices realize themselves in the four dimensions of sound, image, space and the body.

I’ll present Nibiru.

Nibiru Mirage projectionP1010025 web

Nibiru is an audiovisual performance instrument constructed from simple, yet unstable handmade pendulum oscillators. The pendulums are activated by rhythmical body movements which then scratch complex curvilinear patterns into glass. Noises of instability and resistance in the apparatus are amplified and sound patterns are created by light sensitive speakers that scan the changing projected geometric line image. The patterns of light and sound potentially recall missile trajectories plotted by early wartime analog computing machines just as easily as they can invoke the cosmological trajectories of planets and galaxies.


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IMG_20170207_210735370 IMG_20170209_224114 IMG_20170209_224242


On invitation of Gallery O68 in Velp [NL] I’ll show and sell Nibiru drawings during Rotterdam Contemporary 2017 and will give several performances during the opening.

Art Gallery O-68 is a gallery for contemporary art that accommodates established national and international artists with work in various techniques. In addition, the gallery supports starting talented young artists. The gallery is for anyone who wants to be touched by art and advises people and companies about buying art and building collections.

The 6th edition of Rotterdam Contemporary art fair will take place at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. The fair will be held during the Rotterdam Art Week together with Art Rotterdam and other venues, creating the biggest art fair week in The Netherlands from Wednesday 8th till Sunday 12th of February 2017.

Over the past years Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair took place at the Cruise Terminal, located at Kop van Zuid. In 2017, the fair will move to the World Trade Center. The new location offers the fair a possibility to expand from 72 to over 90 stand presentations and to internationalize itself further on.

The expansion of the fair enables a wider presentation of contemporary art scene and offers an international platform for galleries and other exhibition spaces.



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LFS, a new installation with Dieter Vandoren, will be shown at Lichtkunst Gouda


Open from 16th till 28th of December, 5pm till 10pm. Closed at the 19th and 25th. The opening takes place at the 17th from 5pm till 9pm.


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Find my contribution between all the other sound artists from The Hague at the AudioDH website, partly initiated by iii!

Find the project also at the Modern Body festival in The Hague, where you can listen to all contributions in the sauna!

Conceived and directed by Francisco López audio-DH is a collaborative project of epic proportions that weaves the sounds of 250 of The Hague’s creative minds into an exploration of the city’s vibrant sonic tapestry.
With the help of fellow composer Barbara Ellison and the artist platformiii, 50 curators were invited to rally the city’s creative community, gathering contributions from composers, experimental musicians, sound artists, noise makers etc.. in the broadest and most inclusive definition of contemporary sonic creativity. The response was outstanding, resulting in a collection of 195 tracks by 250 artists.

This collection is made available both in the form of an online edition onaudiodh.nl and also as a physical edition, as a high capacity USB memory card, published by iii editions.

Furthermore, the contributions collected are used as material for new meta-compositions created by HARING (Humanless Audio Recombinator for Infinite Novelty Generation), a software designed by Francisco López together with Andrea Vogrig and Darien Brito.

Launched on September 22nd 2016 at Korzo theatre during TodaysArtfestival with a concert performed by HARING, audio-DH will be presented further at various listening stations to be announced.

All the audio material collected and the software that was created for the project are released under Creative Commons licence and freely downloadable.